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On: Sep 5 2017 | Category: Healthcare Industry, Supply Chain

Supply Chain can fuel doctor-patient relationships, organizational health

The collaboration and innovation between doctors and the supply chain is one of the most effective ways to reduce a healthcare organization’s costs. Implementing standard operating procedure efficiencies, with something […]

On: Jul 17 2017 | Category: Healthcare Packaging, Healthcare Industry

Supply Chain Challenges

    The healthcare supply chain is an interwoven web of vendors, suppliers, and providers. Medical disposables are a growing segment of the supply chain projected to reach $200 billion […]

On: May 22 2017 | Category: Healthcare Industry

Industry Consolidation

The healthcare industry is a sea of change. The last few years of healthcare reform and public policy created drastic changes to how many of us do business.  A notable change […]

On: Mar 20 2017 | Category: Healthcare Packaging

Specimen Bag Features

Specimen processing is a vital part of proper patient care.  Effective processing is needed to determine the cause of a patients aliment and the next steps in their treatment.  Proper […]

On: Jan 16 2017 | Category: Healthcare Marketing

Rebranding 101

What’s in a name?  A name is how one is recognized by others and how one defines themselves.  Changing a name therefore changes both the internal and external definition of […]