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Durable, clear covers protect and keep medical equipment clean. No slip film formulation keeps stacked items from falling. Color coded imprint easily identifies the correct size for use. Available in both clear for clean items and blue for soiled items. Easily distinguish between clean and dirty equipment. This streamlines your cleaning time and organizes warehouse areas. All covers are 1 mil.

Product Description

Clear Item Number Blue Tint Item Number Description Size Unit of Measure Quantity Per Roll
EC90 EC90BL Equipment Cover, Mattress 38W x 7D x 90H Roll 50
EC30 EC30BL Equipment Cover, Concentrator 20W x 18D x 30H Roll 200
EC35 EC35BL Equipment Cover, Wheelchair, Bed Rails, Commodes, Foot/Head Boards 28W x 22D x 35H Roll 150
EC36 EC36BL Equipment Cover, Liquid Oxygen, Portable Ventilator 16W x 14D x 36H Roll 200
EC56 EC56BL Equipment Cover, Large Ventilator 28W x 22D x 56H Roll 50
EC2436 EC2436BL Equipment Cover, Suction Machines, Pulmoaids, Kangaroo Pumps, Oxygen Cards, Stands 24W x 36H Roll 500
EC1824 EC1824BL Equipment Cover, Nebulizers 18W x 24H Roll 500
EC1283 EC1283BL Equipment Cover, IV Pumps 12W x 8D x 30H Roll 150
EC41 EC41BL Equipment Cover, Split Bed Cover 48W x 14Dx 41H Roll 120
EC65 EC65BL Equipment Cover, Full Bed Cover 46W x 36D x 65H Roll 55
EC503894 Equipment Cover, Full Hospital Bed 50W x 38D x 94H Roll 90
ECB90 ECB90BL Equipment Cover, Bariatric Mattress 40W x 10D x 90H Roll 50
EC161454 Equipment Cover, Bed Rail Cover 16W x 14D x 54H Roll 200
EC382648 Cart Cover, Clear 36W x 26D x 48H Roll 180
EC642775 Cart Cover, Clear 64W x 27D x 75H Roll 140