5 Salient Advantages of Econo-Zip Reclosable Bags in Medical Packaging

Reclosable bags present a multitude of benefits, especially in the medical industry. These easy-to-close bags have various medical applications and can be used to store a variety of medical contents easily. There are several advantages that these zip lock bags provide. They are compact, secure, and cost-effective.

Enhanced protection

The sturdy storage bags provide added protection to the contents. It keeps them away from all types of contaminants and damage. Zip-locking keeps the contents safe for a long time. The products can be securely locked in with a seal that does not allow any spillage or contamination.


It is an eco-friendly option that allows repackaging. These bags can be opened and closed several times without losing their locking ability. This eliminates the need for buying more products for storage, thereby reducing the waste generated during the manufacturing process.


The compact structure of these resealable bags makes for convenient storage. The bags are devoid of side seams to make use of the maximum space available. The clear display also adds to the utility of the bags.


Econo-Zip Reclosable Bags have a variety of features adding to their utility. These features could include hang hole, handle, freezer safety, write-on area, etc. You can browse from various types of bags and choose

Reduced risk of contamination

Since the bags can be sealed when not in use, they reduce the risk of contamination of the contents present inside.

At Action Health, you can find zip reclosable bags of varying strength. For example, standard 2 mil bags work well for regular packaging, while heavy 4 mil plastic bags can be used for durable packaging. Switching to these bags for medical applications can prove to be a cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable solution.