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By: Sean Cwynar | On: February 24, 2020 | Category: Healthcare Industry |

Capitalize on the Key Trends Shaping 2020

Healthcare organizations need to look forward and prepare for changes in 2020 that could imminently impact organizational growth, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage. Health systems have more opportunity than ever […]

By: Sean Cwynar | On: December 19, 2019 | Category: Healthcare Industry |

Variability in the Healthcare System

A recent survey discovered a deep divide between how providers and patients view healthcare and care variability. Much research has since been done to improve consumer trust in the industry. […]

By: Sean Cwynar | On: June 26, 2019 | Category: Healthcare Industry |

Most Hospitals Missing Out on Millions in Supply Chain Management Savings

Hospitals constantly strive to reduce healthcare costs but many overlook crucial improvements through supply chain management that could potentially save them millions as supply costs continue to grow. Many hospitals […]

By: Sean Cwynar | On: January 26, 2019 | Category: Healthcare Industry |

Engaging Providers in Value-Based Care

Implementing value-based care initiatives that result in improved health outcomes requires all factors needed to drive those changes are aligned. This ensures the informed decisions will result in higher margins […]

By: Sean Cwynar | On: July 16, 2018 | Category: Healthcare Industry |

Top Ways Health Organizations Improve the Customer Experience

Research shows leading health organizations are making building a better customer experience for patients a top priority. Understanding what defines a positive customer experience will help evaluate success and engagement […]

By: Sean Cwynar | On: October 20, 2017 | Category: Healthcare Industry, Supply Chain |

Captis Conference: Value Beyond Price

Last week our team attended the inaugural Captis (formerly UMCSC) Conference in Minneapolis. We have been attending this show for many years and always leave with thought provoking takeaways from […]

By: Sean Cwynar | On: September 5, 2017 | Category: Healthcare Industry, Supply Chain |

Supply Chain can fuel doctor-patient relationships, organizational health

The collaboration and innovation between doctors and the supply chain is one of the most effective ways to reduce a healthcare organization’s costs. Implementing standard operating procedure efficiencies, with something […]

Supply Chain Challenges

The healthcare supply chain is an interwoven web of vendors, suppliers, and providers. Medical disposables are a growing segment of the supply chain projected to reach $200 billion this year […]

Industry Consolidation

The healthcare industry is a sea of change. The last few years of healthcare reform and public policy created drastic changes to how many of us do business.  A notable change […]