Shroud Kits With Post Mortem Bags

Post-Mortem Body Kits are perfect for transporting and storing specimens. This bag is designed in the style of an envelope, and a double zipper provides increased protection and ease of closure. Three toe tags, three danger labels, and one shroud sheet are included in each package, separately wrapped in plastic. Cadaver Shroud Kits come in a plastic bag that can be used to store personal items as well.

Features of Post Mortem Bags:

  • Seven mils Black Body Bags constructed of Polyvinyl Chloride
  • non-porous bags so nothing can enter in or go out
  • It can be used for storage within a mortuary
  • The double zipper structure makes it easy to close

Use of Post Mortem bags and Shroud Kits

  • These bags help in preventing infectious diseases from spreading through leaking bodily fluids.
  • Bags are made of high-grade white vinyl with heavy puncture resistance.
  • The pouch has a rust-proof nylon zipper that runs the length of it.
  • Each pouch is packaged separately and comes with a three-part labeling system for easy tracking.

For all of your transport and containment needs, Action Health has post mortem bags and identification supplies. The bags can be stacked and stored flat. Because body bags hold fluids, keep everything clean during transportation. With its unique white opaque water-resistant plastic sheet that helps retain fluids, their Shroud Kit offers alternative body bags. In addition, the underpad that comes with the Shroud Kit is linen-like in appearance.

Their Shroud kit is a cost-effective alternative to conventional body bags, and it comes with everything you’ll need for a post-mortem. Each shroud kit comes in a resealable ziplock bag, which can also be used to store personal items. In addition, shroud Kits include ID badges, poly bags for unique things, and shroud covers, as well as everything else you’ll need for relocating a body.