Custom Branding on Patient Belonging Bags

For patients staying in a healthcare facility, patient belonging bags are essential for organizing and transporting supplies and other personal items. Along with efficiently transporting and storing patients’ supplies, these belonging bags can also act as an outlet for publicity.  The flexibility of personalizing patient belonging bags allows hospitals to include any required information on the bags and adapt them as per their marketing strategy. 

Use as promotional tools

Using custom branding on patient belonging bags can serve as an excellent promotional method. By adding the logo, name, contact information, or any other necessary information about your hospital or healthcare facility, you can ensure that more people find out about it. Adding essential information such as the name of the facility’s department can help you make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Options of customization

You get the complete freedom to customize the bags as per your branding strategy.  The custom printed bags can have the following features:

  • Personalized design
  • Logo and graphics
  • Special instructions 
  • Department name and logo

A wide range of packaging options, colors, material, shapes and sizes of patient belonging bags are available.

Security of patients’ belongings

You can also customize the belonging bags to provide a dedicated area for mentioning the patient’s name and details, which makes tracking more manageable and adds to the convenience. Offer your patients a relaxing experience by using high-grade belonging bags that advertise your facility.

You can choose between various types of bags as per the requirements of your facility. Action Health offers patient belonging bags with varying closures, colors and the option of customizing the logo and graphics as per your requirements. The patients using these high-quality belonging bags can be at ease about the safety of their possessions throughout their hospital stay.