Different Closures of Patient Belonging Bags

Most hospitals strive to ensure a positive patient experience, enhance staff productivity, and reduce pocket claims for lost patient items. However, a patient’s journey is basically unplanned and unpredictable when they travel from the ambulance to the emergency room, recovery, and anywhere else in-between. 

Therefore, having a bag in place for securing patients valuables along the way is vital. That’s where patient belonging bags come into the picture to track a patient’s personal items once they are removed before treatment or examination.

Generally, patient belonging bags come in a wide variety of customizable features, including biodegradable options and hospital branding. Apart from customized options, you can even find a standard-style patient belonging bag for those facilities interested in an environmentally-friendly option. 

Wide Range Available 

Patient belonging bags are basically available in paper, plastic or fabric range, or even come in either clear, white or colored options. In addition, these bags come with the same closure option in an opaque blue color to conceal patient’s items. So, health systems can select from a rigid snap, drawstring or cut out handles to fit their unique requirements. 

Handle types may be hung from wheelchairs or gurneys during transport too. Most importantly, patient belonging bags come in various sizes and can be customized with your hospital or department logo and branding. After a patient is discharged, staff can ensure the right valuables are released by comparing the claim receipt presented on the bag.

Ultimately, patient belonging bags help in a simple, efficient way to track the storage of patient valuable items while allowing healthcare experts to focus on delivering good patient care and treatment.

At Action Health, you can find a varied range of patient belonging bags for safe and sanitary storage of patient’s personal products. Offer your patients peace of mind that their belongings are safely kept from admission to discharge. They can also customize patient belonging bags to help promote your facility and brand.