Hazardous Drug Bags and USP 800

Drugs that are potentially carcinogenic or show any type of toxicity are termed as hazardous. These drugs have to be stored and handled efficiently to avoid any damage to personnel coming in contact with the drugs.

USP 800

The USP chapter 800 refers to the guidelines laid down by the state boards of pharmacy and the Joint Commission for the handling and usage of hazardous drugs. This pharmacy regulation involves hazardous conditions in a health care setting, i.e., patients and the healthcare workforce have to comply with these guidelines. These regulations aim at minimizing the risk to public health caused by direct contact with the hazardous material or the environment in which they are handled.

All the personnel involved in receiving, preparing, transporting, or administering these hazardous drugs have to follow these standards. The USP chapter 800 also dictates requirements for engineering controls, decontamination, cleaning, documentation, and other procedures associated with toxic drugs.

Hazardous drug bags

To ensure the safety of individuals coming in contact with hazardous material, specially designed hazardous drug bags have to be used. These bags find their application in all pharmacy operating procedures.

These 4 Mil clear bags come with a preprinted, bold message stating “observe safety precaution for handling and administration” to ensure cautious handling and transport of the drugs. They have a yellow and black print to create a distinct appearance and keep the handler aware of the hazardous nature of the contents.

At Action Health, you can buy these hazardous drug bags complying with the USP 800 guidelines. These drug bags are available in several sizes that you can choose from as per your requirements. Buying these storage bags in bulk is a cost-effective option. The thickness of the bags is in accordance with the prescribed guidelines to ensure maximum safety.