Rebranding 101

What’s in a name?  A name is how one is recognized by others and how one defines themselves.  Changing a name therefore changes both the internal and external definition of who one is.  Rebranding is a change in how a business defines itself both internally with their employees and externally to their marketplace.

Why Rebrand? A change in a business brand is driven by a variety of reasons.  Acquisitions or mergers, launch of a new product or division, branching into a new marketplace or customer base, or a shift to keep up with changing industry all can facilitate a rebrand.  Keep in mind, rebranding is much more than updating a logo, colors, or a tagline.  A brand reflects a business’s mission and should related to your target audience. In essence, a brand is how your customers feel and think about you.  It is important the new brand aligns to the strategic direction and be meaningful for your audience.

Action Bag Company rebranded to Action Health.  As a 35+ year old business that was previously dual market, we maded internal changes that shifted who we are and our approach to our business.  These strategic changes coupled with the changes in the healthcare industry, we felt it was prime time to redefine who we are.  Action Health was born.  Our rebranded name and logo reflect the evolution of our business. The new logo honors our history while representing us boldly moving forward to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. This rebrand aligns to our growth strategy to expand product lines and drive additional supply chain savings, allowing providers the ability to re-purpose those savings into better patient outcomes. Our rebrand changes how we define ourselves and how we present ourselves to the healthcare market.

Consistent communication across various marketing channels are the next steps in rebranding.  Driving awareness of the rebrand means communicating through all your custom touch points such as email, website, and direct mail.  All staff and all areas that reach your customer need to reflect the rebrand message. Especially if your brand was well established, it will take time and constant, repeat exposure for the change to be received. If launched effectively, this will shift how customers perceive your brand and your rebrand will be successful.