Styles and Sizes of Post Mortem Bags

A post mortem bag, also widely known as a body bag, cadaver pouch, or human remains pouch (HRP), is a non-porous bag well-designed to fit a human body. Post mortem bags are used to store corpses inside morgues and used for the transportation of human remains for their place of discovery to a funeral home or mortuary. As these bags come in different styles and sizes, you must explore the available ranges and choose what best suits your requirements. 

Diverse Variety of Post Mortem Bags 

  • Currently, lightweight white post mortem bags have become popular and commonly used. It’s so because they are a lot easier to spot a piece of evidence that may have been scrambled from the body in transit on a white background. Even so, black post mortem bags are still in general use, and various other standard colours include blue, gray, and orange. 
  • Regardless of their color, post mortem bags are crafted from thick plastic and have a full-length zipper. Occasionally, the zipper runs straight down the middle. Alternatively, the path of the zipper may be J-shaped or D-shaped. Depending on the style and design, there are handles (two on each side) to facilitate lifting. 
  • In some post mortem bags, you can write information on the plastic surface of the bag using a marker pen. It usually happens when various bodies are being collected from a single place or at the mortuary before being stored in refrigerated cabinets. 
  • Some post mortem bags are designed with transparent label pockets as a vital part of the design to add a name-card. 

At Action Health, you can find good quality and cost-effective post mortem bags that assure a caring touch while meeting the respectful standards desired in caring for the deceased. These bags are available in different colors, styles, sizes, curved and straight zipper designs.