Top Specimen Bags for COVID Testing

Top Specimen Bags for COVID Testing

COVID-19 testing requires proper equipment for sample collection. A part of these kits is the specimen bag. These bags are required to store and transport the sample collected for testing. The bags have to meet the required specifications to be safe for usage in COVID testing.

Action Health’s Specimen Transport Bags are suitable for the storage and transport of COVID-19 specimens. These high-quality bags are ideally used for infectious and hazardous materials and are compliant with all relevant transport regulations for COVID-19.

Features of the specimen bags

These single-use specimen bags are made with durable material to reduce any risk of contamination to anyone coming in contact with the sample.  The bags are designed to be accessible and efficient. Some features that make these specimen bags suitable for COVID testing:

  • They have a watertight receptacle and come with absorbent material.
  • These polythene bags are strong and durable.
  • The bags are available with a fold-down adhesive seal that closes the opening securely.
  • The specimen bags are printed with a biohazard warning.
  • The bags are tamper-evident.

Action Health offers the highest quality of specimen bags for secure transport of samples at competitive prices. These bags are compatible with the standard combination of viral transport medium and swabs.


Other specimen bags offered by Action Health that can also be used for specimen transport include-

  • Econo-Zip Red Imprint Specimen Bags
  • Econo-Zip Orange Imprint Specimen Bag
  • Econo-Zip Clear Specimen Bag
  • Econo-Guard Tamper Evident Specimen Bags
  • Econo-Zip Color Zipper Specimen Bags
  • Econo-Zip Color Specimen Bags
  • Econ0-Zip Specimen Bag with Absorbent Pad

All these bags meet the compliance requirements. They are safe for storing and transporting specimens for COVID testing. The specimen bags are convenient to use and come with a peel-away tape that can be folded to secure the bag after the sample is collected. You can also get the specimen bag customized as per your specific requirements.