Uses of Specimen Transport Bags for Laboratories

A variety of specimens have to be collected and transported to laboratories. These may be required for diagnostic tests or other forms of examination. To ensure that the integrity of the specimen is not compromised during transport, they should be collected in high-quality specimen transport bags.

Variants of specimen bags for laboratories:

Several types of specimen bags are available, which can be chosen as per the requirements and specifications of the contents. 

Wide variety of usage of specimen bags:

The reasons why these bags find significant usage in laboratories include-

  • The bags are reclosable, which means they can be opened and closed as per requirement, without any effect on the sealing property. 
  • Various types of closures for specimen bags are available such as fold-down adhesive to ensure the safety of the contents included. 
  • The bags are provided with a biohazard warning to ensure safety during handling. 
  • The colored bags can make storage more efficient and well-organized.
  • Proper instructions for handling are also provided on the bag for secure transportation and storage in laboratories. 
  • These bags improve the accuracy and efficiency of testing.
  • The bags are leakage proof which means that the contents will not be harmed or lost during transportation.
  • The bags can be custom made to suit your specific requirements.

The bags are especially useful in transporting hazardous materials such as testing samples collected from a patient for running diagnostic tests etc. Some of these bags are also available with a tamper-evident closure which adds to the security of the contents. The bags vary in size and strength. This can help you choose the most suitable bag as per the requirements of your laboratory.