Why Amber Bags Are Used in Pharmacy Settings?

 Packaging is considered an economical source of offering protection, presentation, convenience, identification details, containment, and compliance for a product during display, carriage, storage, and until the product is consumed. These factors are attained by using amber bags for packaging as they ensure adequate stability of the product.

What are Amber Bags?

Amber bags are polyethylene bags that protect their contents from UV (ultraviolet) light due to their amber color. Generally, these colored bags are available as open-ended bags that are taped shut or heat sealed closed for security. These bags are mainly designed not to easily tear, rip, break or rupture. Most importantly, amber bags are heat sealable, lignin-free, acid-free, and anti-static.

Amber pharmacy bags are a prominent staple item for each hospital or healthcare center. These bags have an amber tint, warding off the contents within from being damaged by UV lights. Moreover, you can find amber bags with and without zip tops, with or without white write-on blocks for labeling.

Uses of Amber Bags

  • Amber bags are perfect for storing samples, needing less space than rigid containers.
  • These bags provide superior puncture, tear, and permeability resistance. They come with a patented zipper to ensure the fastest, most secure closure available and protects contents from dust and moisture.
  • The sustainable materials employed in these polyethylene bags make them maintain their shape and offer them strength to hold other objects while keeping them lightweight.
  • Depending on the construction, amber bags are well-suited for plastic recycling as they are earth-friendly bags. These bags can be repeatedly lost without support or performance.

At Action Health, you can find top-notch quality amber bags to store or transport products from the pharmacy to the clinic or patients. There are two primary varieties of amber bags available; open-end bags and zip bags. So, ensure to buy a bag as per your requirement.