Why Do Vent Holes On Reclosable Bags Work?

Why Do Vent Holes On Reclosable Bags Work?

A resealable bag is made from amine-free chemicals and manufactured to decrease/prevent static decay. The static shield reclosable bags are meant for industries that need faraday cage protection for extremely sensitive elements. However, these bags are metalized to be clear for visibility as you can easily see the content inside. 

There is no actual rule as to which bags are perfect for packaging purposes, but most prefer reclosable bags with vent holes. Closeable vent hole bags are made by employing a small circular punch that is divided in half so that two crescent-shaped vents are punctured all the way through both sides of the bag. 

Purpose of Vent Holes 

  • Vent holes are made to offer a direct way to let air escape quickly from a bag full of items. Getting rid of the trapped air decreases the volume of the package. These vent holes are generally around 1/8″ to 1/4″ diameter beneath the seal to offer maximum air relief.
  • The circular vent hole allows proper ventilation with better coverage of the product. The items are kept in the bag, sealed closed, and the enclosed air flows out from the tiny vent holes. This way, you can stack your products flat without wasting any space. 
  • As they are resealable, they are perfect for storing contaminants like dirt, dust, and moisture. Not only are the reclosable bags with vent holes an easy and comfortable source to carry your items, but they also keep the contents safe and secure. 

That’s why these bags are used in multiple industries for different purposes. If you’re looking for good quality and affordable reclosable bags with vent holes, Action Health should be your number one option as they offer bags made of LDPE low-density plastic film.